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Problem with Systray indicators and new messages.

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Problem with Systray indicators and new messages.

Postby JDKruse » Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:20 pm

I am currently running Zimbra Desktop 7.3 BETA and Windows 10 64-bit (note that I have been having this exact problem with earlier releases of Zimbra Desktop, like all 7.2 versions, and earlier releases of Windows, like V7). My specific problems occurs when I select Conversations mode and get new emails that are part of a conversation. When I have this situation, the Systray indicates a new email and so I get into Zimbra Desktop, find the conversation, expand the conversation (unless it is already expanded), and then open the email. After closing the new email, the Systray still indicates a new email, even though I have actually read the only new email available. The only way that I can get rid of the Systray new email indicator is to open an email (which I have previously opened and closed) that is NOT part of a conversation. I think this is a bug as it should not matter whether a new email is part of a conversation or not, once the email is read, it should no longer display the Systray new mail indicator.

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