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Zimbra problem with my Android client

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Zimbra problem with my Android client

Postby nuncestbibendum » Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:49 pm

This is probably a problem with my Android client, but my hope is that some Zimbra-savvy person can provide feedback that I can pass on to the developers of that app.

I am using the Maildroid app to interact with a Zimbra server. I retrieve my email by means of IMAPS. This setup works fine, but only for a while. After some time, my Maildroid client stops getting IMAPS synchronization notifications from the Zimbra server. Now in the same app I have another account that interacts with a different IMAPS server, this time a Dovecot one. The problem described is never observed when interacting with this server. Conversely, synchronization notifications from the Zimbra server keep being received by a different client - this time, Thunderbird on Linux. The problem seems to be in the way Maildroid and Zimbra interact. The only way to solve it is to restart the Maildroid client. But, again, this works only for a while. Occasionally, this client reports the following problem:

A1984 BAD parse error: invalid message sequence number: 925 (host <zimbra-server>, msgnum = 925, seqnum = 925)

where <zimbra-server> is the name of my Zimbra server.

What I am asking from this forum, besides feedback on whether something similar to this has already been reported, is for suggestions on how to try to troubleshoot the problems above from the Zimbra side. I have been trying to engage the Maildroid developer, and the more info I can provide concerning what is going on in Zimbra, the better. Any help trying to troubleshoot this, which is driving me nuts, will be much appreciated.

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