Authentication Bypass in MailboxImportServlet vulnerability (reminder)

I have lost my account :-(

(Formally Chit Chat) Anything Goes (Almost). Should be somehow Zimbra or communication related.
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I have lost my account :-(

Postby michelpwebmaster » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:49 am


I have lost my previous account on this forum, it's attached to my email :
Please help me to recover this account.

When trying to recreate it : forum says : this email is in use :?
When trying to recover my password : don't remember the login (different from email... so 80's flavor) and forum says : no account attached to this email :lol:
When trying to contact administrator : forum says : you must be logged in :shock:
When creating a new account with a different email, trying to PM an admin, forum says : not allowed to PM :evil:

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