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You've got me curious...

(Formally Chit Chat) Anything Goes (Almost). Should be somehow Zimbra or communication related.
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You've got me curious...

Postby Jaapyse » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:52 am

Hey forum,

I work for an IT company who have installed Windows servers for almost all our customers. When I asked my boss why he didn't ever use Linux, he answered me that he had not found a good (enough) alternative for MS Exchange. Then I ran into Zimbra. So, to get straight to it, which benefits does Zimbra have over MS Exchange and in which ways is Exchange better? I'm curious to hear about it. If you can get my boss curious as well, we'll probably set up a test network to see how it works.

I'd like to hear from you soon,

- Jaapyse

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Re: You've got me curious...

Postby phoenix » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:59 am

This is likely to be one of those questions that only you can answer, we don't know your environment nor your requirements nor what you currently do and I'm afraid it's not our job to 'sell' the product to your boss. Have you read any of the product documentation, product comparisons or any of the forum threads that have had answers to this question in the past? I'd suggest you look at some of those then when you have an understanding of what Zimbra is and what it might do in your environment then come back with some specific questions.


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Re: You've got me curious...

Postby jorgedlcruz » Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:22 pm

Hi Jaapyse,
As phoenix pointed out, start by reading some information here:

My opinion is that Zimbra needs to be installed on Linux, which means you can choose a free version as CentOS or Ubuntu, or go for a Red Hat with Professional Support as well, the Web experience is much better on Zimbra Web Client than in OWA as well, you have an entire Desktop Client at your Web Browser, which means you will not need for a Email Desktop client anymore, but in case you want, and need, an Email Desktop Client, you can choose between Zimbra Desktop, for all OS and free, or keep using Outlook for Windows or Mac.
You have as well the Zimlets gallery, where you can find awesome integration like OpenPGP, Salesforce, or even develop your own Zimlet for your needs.

If you choose Network Edition, you will be able to make Backups as well, have S/MIME, Archiving, white labeling and much more.

You can give a try of the Network Edition and show to you Boss the Web Client experience, or the Experience in Outlook or Mac or Windows, which is the same as using an Exchange server.

Best regards
Jorge de la Cruz
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Re: You've got me curious...

Postby DualBoot » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:09 pm

First Zimbra is not a blackbox.
It is based on reliable OpenSource Software with some great and strong communities.
The product is very flexible and extensible.
With Zimbra, you are the real owner of your mail server.

And to finish you can get a free version which provide everything a modern webmail must provide.

Let's have a try.
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