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Google calendar with Zimbra calendar Sync problem

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Google calendar with Zimbra calendar Sync problem

Postby malinkalive » Wed Apr 28, 2021 7:46 am

2 months earlier i have configured my Google calendar in Zimbra UI. It was added by Add external calendar -> Add external calenda (other) -> type: caldav, email:, password: password, CalDav server:, I was able to add event in both calendars and it was Synced with the other one. That configuration has worked fine until now. There is no Sync between two calendars, I have tryed to re-add calendar but no luck. Have Google changed anything in CalDav configuration?
I have already read this post, but i'd like to use built-in functionalities.

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Re: Google calendar with Zimbra calendar Sync problem

Postby betinaj » Sun Oct 16, 2022 7:23 pm

I have been syncing my work calendar (from Zimbra, a work self-hosted email/calendar solution) to my Google Calendar account for years. It's a simple https://... .ics link and it was working since this week (it was working, updating automatically and everything).
Wednesday, the calendar simply disappeared from my Google account.

I added it back ("add calendar from url", pasting the https...zimbra....Calendar.ics) but events are not synced/displayed anymore. No events at all.
I thought about an issue with a single event, so I made a second fresh blank 2023 calendar, with one event, add it (https...zimbra....FreshCalendar.ics) but same issue, no event displayed.

I thought it could be an issue from our Zimbra server, so I tried today to share both zimbra calendar to my Outlook account to test it from another solution. It worked perfectly...

I also asked our IT and nothing changed on our Zimbra server for weeks.

Btw, Zimbra can share "https...Calendar.ics" link and also "webcal://" and "webcals:// " links. I tried all, ics has the issue, webcal has the issue, and webcals is not handled by Google Calendar (wrong url).
I tried to download the ics and import it, and it worked. The issue is that it won't update alone if I do that, I would have to export the ics at each modification of my work calendar... Not really convenient.

So I think something changed recently with how Google Calendar handled remote ICS (or at least something changed that stop my specific case from working).

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