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No invitations sent by the server with Caldav clients

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No invitations sent by the server with Caldav clients

Postby philten » Mon Feb 01, 2021 1:21 pm


I am using an old Zimbra server version 8.0.7 Community edition
and I am having a problem with Calenders for Caldav clients.

When a meeting is scheduled (or changed) by caldav clients they are sync
without problems but no invitation is sent by the server (nerver).

However, when mettings are scheduled using the webmail in the calender
the invitations is sent correctly, no problems.

I can't find any error message, all seem to work fine, but still, invitations are never sent for Caldav clients.
I tried several differents caldal clients.

I searched for posts for similar problems but didn't find any, so I guess it is not
a problem with Zimbra, maybe a configuration issue ?

Any help would be very appreciated.

I know it is a very old Zimbra version, can anyone confirm invitations are actually sent when using
a recent Zimbra server with a Caldav clients ?

Thank you

Best Regards,

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