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X Mission - USA, Managed Services

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X Mission - USA, Managed Services

Postby gbillat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:48 pm

XMission Enhances Commitment to Customer Security and Privacy

Company: X Mission
Headquarters: USA
Industry: Managed Services
Key Benefits:
    - Security & privacy
    - Unified communications
    - Open Source
Zimbra takes security seriously, and its technology is a great foundation for the privacy promises we make to our customers.

We have a long-standing commitment to open source software, and we knew customers would love Zimbra’s integration with their mobile devices.

Our customers benefit from continued improvements to the platform by the Zimbra open source community, and they’re realizing all of the value that comes from taking a ubiquitous business tool – email – and tailoring it to their specific needs.

Zimbra supports all the necessary technology, like SSL/TLS, that we need to protect customer security, and it offers native S/MIME support for users to sign and encrypt all emails to ensure proper delivery, which is critical to our customers’ businesses.

As a business service provider, we find that Zimbra always meets our expectations. We strongly endorse Zimbra as our email hosting solution for businesses, and we’re looking forward to integrating features of Zimbra Social and real-time communications as well.

John Webster, Zimbra Product Manager at XMission

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