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Université de Lorraine - France, Higher Education

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Université de Lorraine - France, Higher Education

Postby gbillat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:41 pm

Université de Lorraine Vastly Improves Email for End Users and Administrators with Zimbra Collaboration

Company: Universite de Lorraine
Headquarters: France
Industry: Higher Education
Key Benefits:
    - Open source
    - Reliability
    - Integration
    - Zimbra-Ceph Connector
    - Ease of administration
We wanted Zimbra — a reliable and efficient email and collaboration solution that could adapt to the framework and the size of our organization with 90,000 mailboxes.

Synchronization of email, calendars and contacts with Zimbra Mobile is seamless.

Before, our backup tasks were taking regularly over 12 hours. Thanks to the Zimbra-Ceph Connector, it only takes a few minutes. We only save the metadata of the accounts, and restorations are almost immediate thanks to the snapshot capabilities of the Ceph pools. Because all the Zimbra servers access the same data pool, it is very easy to migrate accounts from one store to update it without service interruption.

Frédéric Nass, Administrateur de messagerie – Email Administrator

Available in EN, FR

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