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Jago - Germany, e-Commerce

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Jago - Germany, e-Commerce

Postby gbillat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:03 pm

International e-Commerce Firm, Jago AG, Moves from an External Email Provider to On-Premises Email with Zimbra

Company: Jago
Headquarters: Germany
Industry: e-Commerce
Key Benefits:
    - On-prem deployment
    - Ease of administration
    - Zimlets
    - Stability
Stability and reliability of email were our primary reasons for moving to Zimbra, but Zimbra also provides improved privacy compared to our prior email service.

Zimbra satisfied all of our requirements, with the added bonus that Zimbra’s calendar integration is better than our previous solution.

There were no surprises. Everything performed as expected.

Aleksandar Sudarević, IT Service Delivery Manager

Available in EN, DE

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