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HOLA - Spain, Publishing

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HOLA - Spain, Publishing

Postby gbillat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:00 pm

¡HOLA! Publishing Exceeds Global Collaboration Needs with Zimbra

Company: HOLA
Headquarters: Spain
Industry: Publishing
Key Benefits:
    - Open source
    - Integration
    - Security
Zimbra has stayed faithful to its open source spirit. I recommend Zimbra to any company that is committed to open standards.

This was our first experience with a commercial open source application, and we were expecting some quirks; we never experienced any. Zimbra proves how disparate open source projects can coexist and create a coherent view for management, technical and business users.

Zimbra made us forget about user interface issues, both in account management and webmail. Front-end design isn’t usually a strong point for open source solutions, but that is not the case with Zimbra. It has given us all the benefits of open source standards, along with features that have been extremely attractive to our users.

Armando Ramos, IT General Advisor

Available in EN, SP

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