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CSF Inox - Italy, Manufacturing

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CSF Inox - Italy, Manufacturing

Postby gbillat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:43 pm

Industrial Pump Giant, CSF INOX, Switches from Exchange to Open Source-based Zimbra and is Rewarded with 60% Cost Savings

Company: CSF Inox
Headquarters: Italy
Industry: Manufacturing
Key Benefits:
    - Replace Microsoft Exchange
    - Reduced TCO
    - Ease of administration
    - Integration
    - Briefcase
Moving to Zimbra, we rapidly repaid our investment, and we now have only low maintenance fees. We have also enjoyed easier mail administration and a seamless integration with C.S.F. Inox’s business-critical apps, which made our migration extremely smooth. We have permanently enhanced our employees’ productivity.

We would have spent 60% more if we had continued with Exchange. Moving to Zimbra, we rapidly repaid our investment, and we now have only mailbox licenses and low maintenance fees.

The ability to share any object within Zimbra, combined with the ability to create ad-hoc Zimlets, has allowed us to permanently enhance our employees’ productivity.

Massimo Mappa, System and Network Administrator

Available in EN, IT

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