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CD 93 - Seine Saint Denis - France, Government

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CD 93 - Seine Saint Denis - France, Government

Postby gbillat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:39 pm

Conseil departemental of Seine Saint Denis (93) Answers Technical Development Needs with Zimbra

Company: CD 93 - Seine Saint Denis
Headquarters: France
Industry: Government
Key Benefits:
    - Upgrade from Domino
    - Reliability
    - Ease of administration
A collaboration platform of over 8,000 well designed mailboxes that ensure performance, reliability and security for a cost-effective migration.

Zimbra has helped us answer a lack of reliability and a technological obsolescence, which were challenges we were facing regularly with our previous solution.

We needed to resolve, on a daily basis, too many reliability issues, due to an aging technology that was becoming obsolete … We needed to find a new technology that was going to be able to meet our needs of development (collaborative work, synchronization with mobile phones, etc.) and that would allow us to be more reliable at a cost effective price.

We have the chance to rely on our Information Systems Security Manager to guide us and keep us on the right track for this topic. From our HTTPS usage to S/MIME, via logs consignment and real-time alert for fraudulent attempts, Zimbra allows us to « breathe » in terms of security with a maximum of transparency for the end-user.

Zimbra has allowed the CD to return to a satisfactory level of reliability compared to its previous system, and productivity and efficiency have been growing continuously.

Thierry Caucheteur, Director of Engineering and Infrastructure at CD93

Available in EN, FR

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