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Bioluz - France, Health Care

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Bioluz - France, Health Care

Postby gbillat » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:30 pm

Bioluz Upgrades to Zimbra Network Edition for Increased Security, Privacy, Functionality and World-Class Support

Company: Bioluz
Headquarters: France
Industry: Health Care
Key Benefits:
    - Upgrade from OSE to NE
    - Increased security & privacy
    - On-prem deployment
Zimbra is easy to administer, it is a secure and private solution, and it is very reliable.

We have been extremely satisfied by Zimbra as we were using the Open Source Edition since 2011 and migrated to the Network Edition early 2017. I strongly recommend this solution.

The security and the privacy of the email system, and the IT system in general, is a major concern for Bioluz. This is the reason why Zimbra is hosted on premises. Furthermore, Zimbra offers a solution with a very efficient level of security.

Aitor Betelu, Administrateur Systémes et Réseaux.

Available in EN, FR

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